Kids should have an examination by an optometrist BEFORE AGE 1 so the doctor can examine for eye disease and normal eye development.  Early detection at this age can prevent vision problems that can have lifelong effects.  The American Optometric Association recommends a first eye exam at age six months.

At AGE 3 kids are checked for eye health, eye movement skills, focusing, and the development of binocular vision skills.  Visual conditions, like lazy eye (amblyopia), are most responsive to treatment if diagnosed by the age of 3.

At AGE 5 a child is examined to determine the readiness of vision skills for learning in the school setting.  An estimated 25-30% of children have a significant need for eyeglasses or other treatment for vision problems.


  • Your child is experiencing headaches
  • Falling behind in school
  • Avoiding reading and homework
  • Acts out in school
  • Short attention span

At Indiana Eye Care we provide specialized eye testing for children.  If your child is experiencing any of the conditions listed above we may be able to help.


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